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Len Coop

Leonard B. Coop - Personal/Professional Home Page
Associate Professor (Practice), M.S. & PhD Entomology
Dept. Horticulture
Associate Director, Decision Support Systems, OIPMC (Oregon IPM Center)
Oregon State University
2750 SW Campus Way #4017ALS Corvallis, Oregon
USA 97331-2907
phone: (541) 737-5523

  • I do research and Extension related work in IPM (Integrated Pest Management), particularly in the areas of systems modeling and decision support systems.
  • Research and outreach areas have recently included:
    • Conservation Biological Control in Caneberries
    • Climate change effects on swiss needle cast in PNW Douglas-fir forests
    • Development and implementation of pest models and virtual weather for IPM and plant biosecurity
    • Modeling and decision support for IPM, plant biosecurity, and invasive species management
  • I supervise and help develop models and other web-based decision support tools for various projects, including:
    1. IPM Pest and Plant Disease Models and Forecasting - for Agricultural, Pest management, and Plant Biosecurity Decision Support in the US, including:
  • I do much of the hardware and software support for my projects
    • Intel, AMD (hardware)
    • Linux, UNIX, Windows (operating systems)
    • phenology models, plant disease infection risk models, simulation models, GRASS GIS, database (programming)
    • Perl, R, UNIX shell scripts (server side)
    • HTML, Javascript, CSS (client side)
    • webpage and web graphics design
  • Member of ESA (Entomological Society of America), APS (American Phytopathological Society), NPDN (National Plant Diagnostics Network), Western Weather Systems Workgroup (since 2004).
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