Degree-Day model apps

A single app covers all of our degree-day models. See also the list of models.

web app

Disease Risk apps

Apple Scab
web app
Boxwood Blight
web app
Cherry Powdery Mildew
(Conidial phase only; Experimental) web app
Dollar Spot
web app
Fire Blight
web app
Grape Powdery Mildew
(Conidial phase only) web app
Hop Powdery Mildew
Includes two models: one for highly susceptible varieties and one for "Cascade" and similar varieties. web app
These are two distinct spray timing models for a variety of fungal diseases in watermelon (web app) and in muskmelon (web app)
Pear Scab
web app
Potato / Tomato Late Blight
web app


MyPest Page
An older tool that includes almost all of our models. It can display multiple models simultaneously, but it is difficult to use on mobile devices. MyPest Page