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Bureau of Reclamation Agrimet site Access to other information, and current hourly and historical daily data from the Agrimet network

Oregon Climate Service Home Page Contains many weather and climate information resources

UC California Degree-Day Concepts Excellent introduction to DD methods and models

American Meteorological Society Oregon Chapter Get involved in the weather!

UC California Catalog of Phenology models Essential info. for many pest species

UC California IPM Degree-Day Calculator Has an extensive weather database for California

NOAA's Quantitative Precipitation Forecast webpage 1-day map example: current 1 day quantitative precipitation forecast map - NOAA

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This project funded in part by grants from the USDA-Western Regional IPM program and USDA areawide codling moth program.

On-line since April 5, 1996
Last updated May 30, 2016
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