Online Phenology Models and Degree-day Calculator
cucumber-Extreme (direct seeded)
crop model of Andrews et al 2016

Output from crop degree-day/phenology model program:
	Heat Units and predictions of key events from daily weather data
==============================MODEL INPUTS================================ Model species/general links: cucumber-Extreme (direct seeded) Type: crop Model source/other links: Andrews et al 2016 Calculation method: single sine Lower threshold: 50 degrees Fahrenheit Upper threshold: 90 degrees Fahrenheit Directions for starting/BIOFIX: date of direct seeding Starting/BIOFIX date: 6 1 No ending date, set to: default date 12 31 Model validation status: new model-not yet fully validated Region of known use: W. Oregon ==============================EVENTS TABLE================================ 1. 1 DDs after seeding: planted 2. 366 DDs after seeding: 2 true leaves 3. 692 DDs after seeding: early flowering 4. 946 DDs after seeding: first harvest (8" fruit) ==============================MODEL OUTPUT================================ Weather station: 1000 none selected mn day max min precip DD50 CUMDD50 event -- --- ----- ----- ------ ---- ------- -------