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Biology and Management of Yellow Nutsedge


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Yellow Nutsedge

General Description:

Yellow nutsedge (also called yellow nutgrass) is a perennial reproducing by seed and tubers on roots. Root system fibrous, with scaly rootstocks, often bearing small, nut-like tubers at the tips. Triangular stems emerge in groups of three and have grass-like, pale yellow leaves. Leaves 3-ranked, narrow, grass-like, basal. Flowers yellowish or yellowish-brown, small, arrnaged in narrow spikelets on umbel-like inflorescence. Seed yellowish-brown, 3-angled, small, about 1/16 inch long, with blunt ends. Spreads primarily by underground tubers produced at end of rhizomes.

Herbicide Control Notes:

  • Repeated applications of Basegran might be effective if applied when temperature is above 70 F.