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Biology and Management of Pineappleweed


Registered Herbicides

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General Description:

  • bushy plant with finely divided leaves.
  • mature plants have elongated branshing stems with alternate leaves.
  • rounded or conical shaped disk flowers are yellow/green.
  • crushed leaves have a pineapple scent.

Life cycle:  summer or winter annual

  • reproduces by seed.
  • germinates early spring - early fall.
  • young plants form a rosette.
  • flowers May - Sept.

Habitat/ Distribution:

  • perennial crops, turfgrass, landscape, and nursery crops.
  • tolerates compact soil amd mowing.
  • native to the Pacific coast - now widely distributed in the United States.

Herbicide Control Notes:

  • Gramoxone plus Goal effective in late fall. Gramoxone improves control with Direx/Karmex or Sinbar on larger pineappleweed.