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Biology and Management of Hairy Nightshade


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  Hairy Nightshade

General Description:

  • mature plants can be 12 to 24 inches tall.
  • foliage is spreading, hairy, and may feel sticky when handled.
  • flowers have 5 white petals with yellow centers and develop into green fruit containing very small seeds.
  • each berry is enclosed by an enlarging green calyx.
  • as the fruit matures, the calyx cups the lower half of the greenish or yellowish fruit.

Life cycle:  annual

  • plant growth begins in early summer.

Habitat/ Crops associated with:

  • found in waste places and cultivated fields.
  • contains toxic alkaloids, especially in the berries.

Herbicide Control Notes:

  • Hairy nightshade usually emerges too late for effective control with Gramoxone. High rates of Goal might injure crop. Basagran plus Stinger or Basagran plus Sinbar have been very good in research plots, but weed control might be compromised by rates lower than those labeled.