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Biology and Management of Flixweed


Registered Herbicides

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General Description:

  • mature plant is 8 to 24 inches tall.
  • leaves alternate, 2 to 3 times pinnately compound.
  • segments very narrow or linear.
  • seedling similar to pinnate tansymustard, oblong cotyledon, tri-lobed leaf shape, deeply lobed margin.
  • seedlings have narrow cotyledons with stalks.
  • juvenile has ovate shaped leaves in a rosette arrangement, deeply lobed margins, and covered in star-shaped hairs.
  • pubescent with branched hairs or nearly glabrous.
  • inflorescence a raceme.
  • flower petals very small, yellow or greenish-yellow.
  • pod partitioned with 2 to 3 longitudinal nerves.
  • siliques 1/2 to 1 1/4 inches long.
  • distinguished from other mustards because of its finely dissected leaves.

Life cycle:  winter annual

Habitat/ Distribution/ Crops associated with:

  •  waste places, fields, roadsides and other disturbed sites.

Herbicide Control Notes:

  • Goal, Sinbar, and Karmex/Direx are effective preemergence. Add Gramoxone to residual herbicides if rosette is well established.