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Biology and Management of Catchweed Bedstraw


Registered Herbicides

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Catchweed Bedstraw

General Description:

  • often a tangling plant, and may be up to 80 inches long
  • slender taproot.
  • square stems have downward pointing bristles.
  • leaves are linear, stiff-hairy, mostly in whorls of 6 to 8.
  • flowers are minute, white, 4-parted, and borne on short branches in the leaf axils.
  • fruits are densely covered in fine hooked hairs.

Life cycle: annual

Habitat/ Distribution/ Crops associated with:

  • common throughout the west.
  • serious weed in cultivated fields, particularly in hay or grain.
  • dispersed typically by animals and humans because of the hooked hairs on seed.

Herbicide Control Notes:

  • Goal is very effective. Basagran plus Goal has provided good control in research plots; however, control might be compromised in some situations by rates lower than those labeled. Gramoxone is effective on very young plants.