USA Online Plant Disease Risk Modeling Tools

This interface allows selected plant disease models to be run from thousands of public weather stations, selected from a map.
Also try our State/Network Tables Index as an alternative interface.
Fox Weather/IPPC custom forecasted hourly weather is available for Oregon, Southern Washington, and Western Idaho

Currently available plant disease models:
Apple scab infection risk
Pear scab infection risk
Gubler-Thomas Powdery Mildew
Hops Powdery Mildew
Cleistothecial Powdery Mildew
Anjou pear scald
Tomato Potato Late Blight
Tomcast DSV
Custom Generic Model

Weather parameters of interest:
Dew Point
Relative Humidity
Wind Speed
Leaf Wetness

Map parameters - select basemaps, region, size of map, then click "GO" for map interface

Basemap - Degree-days Jan 1 2008 to date:
Alternative Basemaps - Elevation:
Mapsize: pixels

Weather Forecast Evaluation Tool S. WA, OR, W. ID
Compare forecasts with actual data, 1 day at a time

These tools are in development - use at your own risk. Supported in part by USDA NRI Plant Biosecurity Program and NPDN (National Plant Diagnostic Network). Last update this page: July 3, 2008